These women are miracle workers! At the beginning of my engagement I did not think that I needed help. But when a friend of mine introduced me to A Touch of Grace, I knew that I had to have them help me. From the moment I met with them, they listened to everything I had to say. It was such a relief to let out all my ideas and have these women listen and add their expertise. On days, when I was extremely stressed and wasn’t the least motivated to meet, they cheered me up and reassured me that everything was going to be perfect and it was! The Monday before the wedding, Dawn and Amber made a point to pick up all my supplies and centerpieces so I would not have to transport them to the venue. They were always one step ahead! On the day of the rehearsal, Amber came with itineraries for the bridal party. On the day of the wedding Dawn and Amber were the sole contact for the vendors and me and my husband were able to enjoy our WHOLE day, without any interruptions from the venue, or any other vendors! The best part, at the end of the party, me and my husband left with a little to go bag that Amber had put together for us which included cupcakes from the wedding, candy from our candy bar and an extra dish of our steak and asparagus from the dinner!! She told me she knew I probably didn’t get a chance to eat and knew I would be hungry later! That is all we left with. She advised us to go home, enjoy my honeymoon and to call her when we were home. Their services are definitely a must have. Thanks Dawn and Amber! I could not have done this without you!
Janice C.

Cinthy from A Touch of Grace was our month of coordinator.  We wouldn’t have had the wedding/reception the way we wanted if it wasn’t for Cinthy.  She is so warm, enthusiastic and carries a positive demeanor.  My husband and I feel that having Cinthy as our coordinator was the best investment for our special day.  I highly recommend her!
Bharti S.

If you are looking for wedding coordinators and planners, look no further. Melissa and everyone at A Touch of Grace is incredibly professional and creative and such a pleasure to work with!  From the beginning, they went far above our expectations, from consistently taking things off of our to do list to bringing us both breakfast the day of our wedding. One of my fears with bringing in outside help in planning our wedding was that we were going to be encouraged to either spend more money or to change our wedding into something that didn’t reflect who we are.  This couldn’t be further from the truth with ATOG. Melissa did a fantastic job of taking all of my disjointed ideas, supplying her own, and creating an absolutely beautiful, cohesive design and perfect day.Any time we encountered a bump in the road, an issue with a vendor, or the inevitable family drama, ATOG remained steadfastly positive and helped us find timely solutions.The day of, apart from bringing us breakfast and keeping me calm, the whole team did an incredible job setting up the venue.  I had always expected that one or two things were going to go wrong that day, and was prepared for that, but nothing did. They made sure everything happened exactly when and how it was supposed to. Working with Melissa was such a joy that we look forward to continuing a blossoming friendship with her.Seriously, if you are looking for wedding planners who will make your day as beautiful as you could imagine and run seamlessly, chose A Touch of Grace.
Gabrielle G.

Five Stars for A Touch Of Grace! We enjoyed working with Dawn and Amber for several months before my daughters wedding. The venue, The Payne Mansion in S.F., posed some challenges as far as layout, flow and timing between guests arriving, the ceremony and reception. With Dawn’s help before and on the day of, it all came together seamlessly. Many compliments were received from guests on the way the events unfolded. Dawn and her assistant performed their tasks quietly and efficiently, hovering obscurely throughout the evening and even taking care of a stoppage in the men’s bathroom! Now that’s more than I expected!! I highly recommend their services. Very professional and responsive.
Louisa A.

Amber and Dawn were GREAT!! I wasn’t even going to have wedding planners because I like planning things myself, but after people convinced me that having help would be a great idea, I went with “A Touch of Grace”. At first I didn’t think that they would have much to do, but after I met with them they were so organized and helped me remember all the little details that made our wedding perfect. They were so helpful and easy to work with. Not pushy at all and didn’t try to over take anything. I met with them regularly and without them I don’t think I would of been able to keep my wedding “to do” list in order. The day of the wedding they were amazing with keeping everything on time and helping my husband and me stay on schedule and in the loop with everything going on. I would definitely recommend them to any new bride because I would not have been able to enjoy our wedding as much, if they weren’t there.
Jenn C.

I’m a control freak by nature. I’m very particular about how I want things to go. With that said my mother and sister were concerned that on my wedding day I would not be able to enjoy it because I would be too concerned with making everything go my way. Enter, Melissa and Amber from A Touch of Grace.

My mom and I chose to go with the Wrap Up service because I had done much of the planning ahead of time. I met Melissa and Amber in November and even though my wedding wasn’t until July 30th and they weren’t to officially take over everything until May, they were constantly in touch. E-mailing me every few weeks just to make sure I was doing ok and not too stressed. They also gave me suggestions when I had trouble finding vendors, answered etiquette questions, listened to my concerns and offered suggestions.

By the time we began meeting in person in May, they had everything under control. They would give me To Do Lists of things I needed to accomplish before I met with them next. Melissa became the primary contact person so all of the timeline coordination and questions from vendors went through her. Because we had gotten to know each other through e-mail, they could have answered most of the questions on their own, but they made sure to get my approval before making any decisions.

Weeks before my wedding, everyone was amazed at how calm and relaxed I was. It was all due to the two women at A Touch of Grace. Because of them, I didn’t have anything to worry about. I only had to occupy my time with my family and my future husband. They picked up all of my decorations for the ceremony and reception a week prior to the wedding.
The day of the wedding, Melissa brought me breakfast and lunch. Her and her assistant ensured that everyone was where they were supposed to be at the appointed time and were doing what they were supposed to do, leaving me to have a relaxing morning and afternoon. My wedding went off without a hitch, it was beautiful and wonderful, and I had a blast. As needed, Melissa gently ushered me from one activity to the next, (cake cutting, garter toss, dances, etc.) She also made sure the photographer, DJ, and videographer were doing their jobs and kept them on time. I’m sure the poor thing was exhausted by the end of the night. When it was time to leave, Melissa had collected my veil, heels, purse, and room key and put everything in our car back to the hotel. (Which was good because I had forgotten about all of those things.) My husband and I arrived in our hotel room to a bed covered in petals, a bag of samples of our wedding decorations, pieces of our wedding cake and a midnight snack. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I received that entire night. Even weeks after the wedding they are still assisting me with things.

Organized, wonderful, professional, classy, thoughtful, sweet and considerate are all words to describe Melissa and Amber. However there aren’t enough words to describe the wonderful service and peace of mind they gave me in the weeks leading up to my wedding and especially on that day.
Mistee G.

Hiring ATOG (Amber & Cinthy) was the best decision I ever made. Both ladies were absolutely amazing and so helpful. When we had to move the date of our wedding up by 6 months, they were fabulous with all of the changes. Luckily most of our vendors were still available, but Amber & Cinthy handled all of the changes for us. Within a week our wedding was back on track. They helped me remain calm throughout all of it and we had the most amazing wedding I could have ever dreamed of. Thank you Amber & Cinthy!!!
Grace R.

We worked with Dawn and her assistant Amber for our June wedding recently (6/4/11). Dawn has the perfect personality for an event planner. She so easy to work with and talk to. Anytime my mom and I were unsure about any part of the wedding details, Dawn would make suggestions that made so much sense. She was never overbearing and she always came up with solutions for details that needed attention. Dawn and Amber are a great team, so responsive and proactive about reminding me of things I wouldn’t have thought about until it was too late. As we approached the wedding date, Dawn really kicked things into high gear and coordinated everything down to the minute. However, she let me design the wedding through my own vision. Our wedding turned out to exceed our expectations by a long shot. The fees are very reasonable and the service is FIRST CLASS. I will recommend A Touch of Grace to my friends for all occasions. What an amazing evening thanks to Dawn and Amber. A million thanks would not be enough.
Rhonda B.

Working with Amber at Touch of Grace was a joy. I used Touch of Grace’s “Wrap-up” services, which means that Amber helped for the final 60 days before the wedding. I lined up and contracted the vendors and locale on my own, with her help for referrals as needed. But once August 1 rolled around, Amber stepped in – and was a huge help. Organized, thorough, and professional, Amber took care of & tracked all details and kept me sane. I’m a bit of a control freak, and with Amber I could completely relax, trusting her to be on everything. My florist went out of his way to say how great she was, too, unobtrusive and pleasant, as did several friends at the wedding. I had reservations about using a wedding planner, because I’d heard horror stories, and I had my own vision and was planning a (relatively) simple wedding. But Amber was perfect – not at all pushy but highly competent, pleasant, and fun. She and her assistant Melissa went over and beyond for me, even running little Walgreen’s errands for me at the last minute and making our wedding-night room a romantic surprise. I highly recommend Touch of Grace.
Lindsey C.

I had dreamed of getting married since I was 5. Putting together my big day could have been a nightmare considering my busy schedule. I went through the wedding coordinators available in the bay area and A Touch of Grace was one of the 3 that I chose to interview. Out of the 3, Touch of Grace was the most prepared, experienced and most importantly made myself and my (now) husband comfortable. Since your wedding coordinator becomes like a “best friend” for the duration of the planning and the day of, I felt that being comfortable with that person was extremely important. Working with Melissa was fun and easy! I knew what I wanted to I asked her to present me with my options and we sat down for each thing and chose from there. We shared a lot of laughs and went through the obstacles which as every bride knows, there is a fair share. I had a wedding with 200+ guests which turned out even better than I had imagined. Planning for a wedding this size was easy with Melissa being there. I definitely recommend A Touch of Grace for all future brides! I advise the full service for all super busy brides and brides who just do not want to worry.
Vanessa C.

Amazing. Fantastic. Spectacular. There are not enough positive adjectives in the dictionary to describe the level of service and professionalism that Amber and her team brought to the coordination and planning of my wedding. Amber’s level of competence, organization, can-do atittude, willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the bride’s happiness and overall sweet and friendly nature were beyond expectation and the results speak for themselves. On my wedding day I sat back, forgot all about the details that Amber and I had hashed out over 4 months, let her handle everything, and enjoyed every minute. I ate enough, I remember every single detail, I don’t remember one single thing that went wrong (though I am told there is always something. I’m sure Amber probably shielded me from any of this), and many of our guests have mentioned to me that they thought the wedding was gorgeous and thoughtfully planned.

If you have lots of ideas, but no DIY skills, like me, Amber is your woman. I brainstormed, she implemented. She completed many of my projects with her team including my fabulous photo booth backdrop (see pictures), which was so important to me. She also bought all my flowers and arranged all of the centerpieces and all of the boutennieres and bouquets, saving us a fair amount by buying direct. The flower arrangements were perfection. She bought, picked up, and returned all of our unused alcohol, as well as picked up our wedding cakes. My bridesmaids and family and friends didn’t have to do anything and could enjoy the day. I’ve also heard her mention that she has printed wedding invitations for other brides, and basically handles many of the details brides don’t want to do on their own.

Did I mention she brought a team of 2-3 assistants with her for the day-of coordination, included in the overall package. She is worth every single penny. Her services are a crazy good value and the best money we spent on our wedding.  Although located in the East Bay, she never minded driving all the way down to Saratoga to meet with vendors. There were a lot of details, especially at the end that would have driven me insane, and also many that I would never think to manage, but she handled everything. When our caterer decided a week before the wedding that we HAD to have placecards for our guests, Amber made them herself at the last minute without a moment’s hesitation. This was not the only time she saved the day. When our caterer wanted to charge us $4 per cup for our berry desserts (I think for insurance reasons as these were not on their dessert lists), Amber negotiated that she’d buy, wash and setup our extra fruit desserts, and ultimately we were not charged anything extra. In the weeks before my wedding, many of my friends said I was the calmest bride they had ever seen.

My husband would like me to mention that it made his life so much easier because my life became so much easier (less of a crazed stressball). It was hard to plan a wedding in California from Boston, especially when my own family are too busy to be very involved. Amber became my friend, my champion and my supporter and we are so grateful that we chose her to be our wedding planner.
Jane L.

The photo booth was a great addition to this year’s company holiday party. My husband and I couldn’t stay out of there! I can’t wait to see the pictures in the slideshow next year. Thank you for a great night!
Monica Ray – PMI Employee